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Medical Office Cleaning

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Medical Office Cleaning Done Right in Palm Beach

Cleaning a medical office properly is very important. Many germs come through your office and the last thing you want is to have those germs spread from one patient to another or to your staff. When you hire a cleaning company you must make sure the cleaning staff is qualified, trained, and have experience in medical cleaning.

The cleaning materials used in medical offices are very different than other facilities. The cleaning staff must use hospital grade cleaning materials, sterilize all surfaces and discard garbage and medical waste according to code.

Medical Waste – there are strict regulations on how to throw away medical waste. Some patients may have contagious conditions like hepatitis, HIV and other medical issues that could be contracted by people in surrounding areas if the medical waste is not discarded properly. We make sure our cleaning staff knows what the regulations and guidelines are for Florida and the staff adheres to them.

Cleaning Materials – As a medical office cleaning company we uses hospital grade cleaning materials.

Sterilization – sterilizing floors and all surfaces is critical. We make sure the waiting room is sterilized as well. Germs start in the waiting room. As a professional cleaning company experienced in medical office cleaning we know how to sterilize every area properly.

When your patients come to your office you want them to feel safe and secure. If they see dust on molding or a dirty waiting room they may wonder how you take care of your medical equipment and office. Squeaky Clean’s medical cleaning services are top notch. We train our staff and make sure they clean each and every medical office above and beyond medical regulations.

Medical Office Cleaning in Palm Beach and West Palm Beach

Medical Office Cleaning Palm Beach