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How to Protect Your Carpet After a Carpet Cleaning

How to Protect Your Carpet After a Carpet Cleaning 16 Mar

You just had your carpets professionally cleaned and they look brand new again. Now you want to keep them clean and in good shape. There are a few steps you can take to keep your carpets clean longer.

Vacuum often – one way to keep your carpets clean is to vacuum them. High traffic areas should be vacuumed around twice a week to keep them clean. This will keep the buildup of dirt down.

Vacuum properly – the first thing is to do is make sure your vacuum is clean. If you have a vacuum bag make sure you change it. If your vacuum has a filter make sure you wash it. Dirty vacuums have less suction power.

Vacuum at the right height – many vacuums have buttons that change the vacuum’s height for short carpeting, shaggy and other heights. If your vacuum is at the right height it will clean the carpet much better. Those buttons are there for a reason. The key is figuring out the right height for your carpet.

Walk-off mats and runners – there are many stylish walk-off mats. Many people use these close to the front door so that as people walk through their home the dirt goes onto the mat. Once the mat is dirty you can clean it or replace it, but the rug underneath will be clean. Many times a runner is used on a staircase to keep the carpet underneath clean.

Vacuum speed – you want to vacuum slowly over high-traffic areas so you will pick up more dirt. You should pass the vacuum over lower traffic areas once and at least twice over high-traffic areas.

Now you have the tools to keep your carpets fresh and clean. Most people buy new carpets every ten years or so, but if you follow these tips and get your carpets professionally cleaned they can last even longer.