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How Office Cleaning Affects Employee Productivity

How Office Cleaning Affects Employee Productivity 9 Mar

If you own your own company it’s your responsibility to make sure the office is clean and sanitary. You don’t want your employees to get sick, spread germs or get sick due to allergies. If this happens productivity will go down.

It’s easy enough to hire a commercial cleaning company for your office. A professional cleaning staff will know how to properly clean your office and keep germs under control.

Allergies-many people are allergic to dust, and in an office environment dust collects quickly. If employees have to battle dust every day it could lead to a lack of productivity. Mold can be a problem as well. If bathrooms aren’t cleaned often enough you could end up with mold. If you have a flood and the rugs aren’t properly cleaned you can end up with mold issues there as well. Mold can cause a lot of health problems.

Cleanliness-most people like to work in a clean environment. If your employees are comfortable they will be more productive. It’s important to keep garbage out of the office so that you don’t end up with bugs and other creatures in the office. A professional cleaning company will take care of the garbage, vacuuming and anything else you may need.

The Flu and Colds-when employees are sick they can easily spread germs around the office. During cold and flu season it’s even more important to have your office cleaned by a professional cleaning company. The cleaning staff will know how to sanitize the office properly. You can tell the cleaning company’s manager that some of the employees are sick and you would like the staff to sanitize the desks and bathroom. This will increase employee productivity because less people will get sick. (Read: 4 Ways to Keep the Flu Out of the Office)

Distraction-studies have found that when people who work in an office that is dingy, cluttered and smells are less productive. Employees are distracted by the mess and smells.

It’s important to keep the office environment clean for your employees. If you hire a cleaning company on a regular basis your employees will be happier and more productive.

If you’re ready to improve productivity by having a professional cleaning company clean your office; call 561-301-1084.