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8 Worst Mistakes Commercial Cleaning Companies Make

8 Worst Mistakes Commercial Cleaning Companies Make 3 Mar

Cleaning companies make mistakes when the employees aren’t trained properly. When you hire a commercial cleaning company you should ask questions and make sure the employees have been trained.  Here are the 8 worst mistakes that we’ve seen when taking over a commercial property. 

Cleaning at the wrong time – a cleaning company should clean after hours when all employees are gone. If some employees work until 7 the cleaning crew needs to know this so they won’t disturb those working.

Using the wrong cleaning materials – when it comes to cleaning office building, medical facilities and other types of facilities the right cleaning materials must be used. Make sure the cleaning company you hire knows how to clean your particular building.

Cleaning only visible areas – some cleaning companies clean part of an area but not the entire area. If you own a company with cubicles it’s important that the desks are cleaned often and the areas under the desk are vacuumed.

Using a lot of chemical cleaners – if you don’t want your office to be cleaned with many chemicals let the cleaning company know. Chemicals can be quite harsh and if you have employees with allergies they may be affected.

Not vacuuming often enough – you should ask your cleaning company how often they vacuum and make sure they vacuum under desks. Some commercial cleaning companies vacuum some areas but not every area. Let the owner of the company know what you expect.

Not throwing the garbage out every day – garbage should be thrown out every day. Employees may be throwing away food. Food in the garbage can attract bugs and other issues.

Scrubbing office carpets – scrubbing a carpet too often untwists the fibers which will lead you to replace them more often. Ask the owner or manager how they handle spills and other issues.

Cleaning windows when it’s sunny – if windows are cleaned when it’s sunny outside you could end up with streaks. The sun dries cleaning chemicals quickly, which is what causes the streaks. The windows should be cleaned when the sun goes down.

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