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10 Strangest Questions People Ask A Cleaning Company

10 Strangest Questions People Ask A Cleaning Company 29 Feb

There are quite a few strange questions cleaning companies get from customers. Some of them are very surprising. Part of the problem is that homeowners think cleaning companies handle much more than they actually do.

Here are 10 strange questions people ask cleaning companies:

  • How dirty does my toilet need to be before cleaning it?
  • Will you do laundry and put together the pairs of socks?
  • Can you wax the floors so that I can slide across it in my socks?
  • Will Mr. Clean come to my house and clean like in the commercial?
  • How should I dress for when you come?
  • Do you clean pools?
  • Will you clean my garage?
  • Will you clean my bird cage or kitty litter?
  • How do you use the vacuum cleaner?
  • Will you give my dog a bath?

If you’re looking for a professional cleaning company to clean your home, office or facility contact Squeaky Clean at 561-301-1084. We will answer any questions you have about cleaning and our services regardless of how strange.