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4 Ways to Keep the Flu out of Your Office

4 Ways to Keep the Flu out of Your Office 18 Feb

Every year during the colder months’ employees begin to catch colds and flu viruses. If you have a cold you can still work and be productive, but if you have the flu it’s a very different story. The flu comes with a temperature, aches and pains and is highly contagious. When someone has the flu it is very difficult to concentrate and this is when mistakes at work can happen.

The flu tends to last about three to four days but you can feel weak for more than a weak. Every year about 111 million workdays are lost due to the flu, according to

There are ways to decrease these numbers, and keep the flu out of your office.

  1. Flu Shot – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend that most people get the flu shot to prevent this illness. You may want to offer all of your employees the flu shot for free. You could have someone come to the office to give this injection, which will make it convenient. This is one of the most effective ways to prevent the flu from spreading around your office, according to many doctors.
  2. Keeping Sick Employees out of the Office – every season someone in your office will come down with the flu. To keep these germs from spreading to everyone in the office you should have a good sick day policy in place. Employees should feel comfortable about taking a bit of time off if they have the flu. Many employees come to work with the flu because they think it is frowned upon to take time off when they are sick. If they know you would prefer they stay home if they have the flu you will find less flu germs around your office.
  3. Sanitize – one thing you can do is offer all employees hand sanitizers. Organic hand sanitizers are a good idea and not very expensive. You could keep hand sanitizer by the front door, bathroom, and kitchen to keep germs away. Make sure antibacterial soap is always available in bathrooms and antibacterial dishwashing liquid is available in the kitchen.
  4. Dishwasher – when dishes, glasses and coffee mugs are cleaned in a dishwasher they are sterilized. This is a much better option than cleaning these items in the sink with a sponge that could contain germs. This is a good investment that could help keep the flu out of your office. Make sure you purchase a dishwasher with a sanitize option.

Some employees contract the flu at a movie theatre, restaurant or even because their children have it, but that doesn’t mean that everyone in your office has to get it. We are right in the middle of the flu season but if you take a few measures to keep those germs out of the office or contained you won’t end up with an epidemic and loss of productivity.