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5 Ways to Clean Marble Floors Safely

5 Ways to Clean Marble Floors Safely 10 Feb

You have beautiful marble floors in your home, and now you need to figure out how to clean them without damaging them. When it comes to cleaning marble floors you need to be very careful about the products you use. It’s very important that the cleaning solution you use is pH neutral. You can use vinegar and lemons to clean many things in your home, but you should never use either one to clean your marble floors.

Here are 5 Ways to Clean Marble Floors Safely

  1. Dishwashing Liquid-a simple yet effective way to clean your marble floors is with dishwashing soap. Take a small amount of dishwashing soap and dilute it with water. Then use a gentle mop to clean your floors.
  2. Ammonia and Water-another way to clean marble floors is with a diluted mixture of ammonia and water.
  3. Cleaning Products-there are many cleaning products available specifically to clean marble floors. There are liquid cleaners and wax products available to clean your marble safely. Make sure that any cleaner you use is concentrated with a neutral pH and acid free.
  4. Keep it Simple-you can use warm water to clean your marble floors as well. Use a soft mop and keep the water you use clean.
  5. Dust Mop-if your floors are a bit dusty or covered in a bit of dirt you can use a dry dust mop to clean them.

Marble floors are prone to getting streaks when they are cleaned. You should dry them with a soft cloth after you wash them to prevent this. You shouldn’t use vacuums or electric dusters on your marble floors because the plastic and wheels will damage the surface. Make sure your marble floors are sealed to help protect them from stains.

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